Fix The 'No Memory Space' Error in Sony DSC TX-9 Camera

Sony DSC TX-9 is the smallest 3D cameras in the world. With this camera you can capture 3D pictures and images with the help of a single lens system by using a sweeping motion. The internal memory of this camera is of 32 MB and can be expanded more with the help of a memory stick. Although it is very secure to use this flash memory based storage media, it can contribute the pictures inaccessible in many cases. In such situation a user needs to recover the lost pictures and images from the created backup for the files. However in situation where a user does not have a backup, a third party recovery software is to be used.

Suppose a situation, when you use a memory stick in your Sony camera to capture some pictures. But instead of that you get an error message as:
“No Memory Space”

After receiving this error you won't be able to save your pictures to the stick, though you know that you have enough memory space in the stick. Even if you try to remove the pictures you get an error “No images”.

The main reason for the occurrence of 'No Memory Space' error:

  • If the internal memory is used to save the pictures. Even if there is free space in the memory your camera will show the error. Generally the data is not lost due to this.

  • If the memory stick is damaged or corrupted you won't be able to capture or view the images in your camera.

In order to fix the 'No Memory Space' error in your camera just do the following steps:

  • Change the settings of your camera so that the pictures on your camera can be stored in the memory stick and not in the internal memory.

  • If the memory stick of the camera is corrupted, then format it to remove the error and then get back your data with the help of backup or a third-party Sony camera recovery software.

The Sony camera recovery software with its advanced algorithm easily recovers the lost pictures, photos and video and audio files from the Sony camera.

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